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How to Play Blackjack
February 17, 2015 – 12:59 pm
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How to Play Blackjack

How the Blackjack Dealer Must Play

The casino dealer has the advantage in this game for the simple reason that the players have to go first. This is an edge for the dealer because as soon as a player goes over 21 and busts, his bet is lost and he is now out of the hand. The dealer may still bust afterwards, but the player has already lost his bet.

The dealer must follow always follow a specific set of rules when playing his hand. If the dealer has less than 16, he MUST HIT. If the dealer has 17 or higher, he MUST STAND (a possible exception is if the dealer has a soft 17 which is an Ace and a 6).

blackjack-card-valuesAs an example, if everyone at a blackjack table has a hand totaling 13, and the dealer is showing a 6, the basic strategy is to stay. The dealer flips over his other card revealing a 10. The dealer has a total of 16. His hand is higher than everyone else’s at the table.

However, the dealer MUST hit his hand since it is a 16 or less. The dealer hits his hand, has an excellent chance of busting, and the entire table wins.

blackjack-table-termsOn the flip side, let’s say everyone at the table is dealt an 18 (and stays) and the dealer shows a 7. The dealer flips over his under card revealing a 10 for a total of 17. Even though he’s losing to everyone at the table, he is not allowed to take a hit, and thus the entire table wins.

Because the dealer must play his hand in this fashion, this is a benefit to the player and by applying perfect blackjack strategy, we can exploit this to the maximum potential.basic-strategy-chart-dbl-after-split-stand-s17-low Consulting our blackjack charts while playing blackjack will help you make the best moves possible in any situation.

Overall, the casino dealer has an advantage in this game, however it is very slight if you play perfect blackjack strategy. And if you can learn to count cards – which is not as difficult as it sounds – you can sway the odds to your favor! We discuss card counting in the more advanced strategy section.

How to Play a Hand of Blackjack

Using an example makes it easier to understand how to play blackjack. Suppose Fred sees an empty blackjack table and sits down. The dealer shuffles cards or uses an automatic shuffle machine. The dealer then puts the cards in a shoe. Fred must place his bet down to start the action.

Interesting facts

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