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Blackjack Super Fun 21
June 27, 2016 – 09:32 am
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blackjack-21The growing demand for exciting variations of the standard blackjack led to the necessity of creating more and more versions. Super Fun 21 is yet another exciting game, that has similarities to the traditional game of blackjack. In point of fact, the differences between them are so unnoticeable that many players who are new to the casino world engage in Super Fun 21 and do not realize they are not playing the classic version of blackjack.

Although the game mechanics are the same as those of the classic Blackjack game, there are a few breaches you have to be familiar with.

First of all, Super Fun 21 is played with a single deck although there are some casinos that use two decks.

  • Players are allowed to double down on any number of cards.
  • As for splitting pairs, players are allowed to do that no more than 4 times. Aces are also included.
  • The dealer needs to hit soft 17 and avoid the risk of “busting”.
  • In Super Fun 21 players are enabled to take late surrender no matter if they want to do that after splitting, doubling down or hitting.
  • In case the player has a hand that is equal or less than 20 and the total is made with at least six cards, the dealer is defeated.
  • If the player has a hand made of at least five cards and the total sum is 21, the payout is 2:1.
  • The player wins every time they have natural blackjack. That rule applies even if the dealer has a natural blackjack as well.

In Super Fun 21 aces can be counted as one or as eleven. It depends on which of the two values is more convenient to the player. Queen, King and Jack count as ten. The rest of the cards are taken at face value. In order to get started, the player has to place a bet and after that, the dealer will give them two cards turned face up. As for dealer’s cards, one of them is face up, while the other one is turned face down.

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Play Blackjack for Fun and Profit in Vegas or any Casino
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