How to Get Blackjack?

You Can’t Get Rich Quickly
May 23, 2017 – 12:09 am
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For nearly a decade, I have provided for my family through a card game. I put my wife through school, we bought a house, rental property, and I haven’t had a job ever since I became a professional blackjack player. Here’s the ironic part… I’m not a gambler. The first time I ever went into a casino was for my best friend’s bachelor party. I gambled $1 on a nickel slot machine and thought, “Damn. I’ll never see that dollar again.” I didn’t enter a casino again until I had spent nearly a hundred hours practicing counting cards and memorizing tables. I went into casinos with a calculated bankroll, calculated advantage, and a laser sharp focus on beating the house. However, working inside casinos has given me plenty of time to understand the gambler’s mentality.

When I told my father-in-law about my new “form of investing”, his main complaint was that I was trying to find a short-cut to make money. I disagree with the sentiment that you have to work long hours breaking your back to make money, and I think that everyone should look for ways to work smarter, rather than just working harder. My father-in-law has since come to appreciate my line of work (at one point, becoming the largest investor in our blackjack team). However, I understand the point he was trying to make. It seems that our culture has become obsessed with the get-rich-quick mentality, and have since met hundreds of people (inside casinos and out) who are looking for that angle to become a millionaire without using their brain or hard work. Gambling perfectly plays into this mentality; gamblers know the odds are literally stacked against them, but they still think they will be the one to beat the odds. Why do so many people play the lottery each day? They know the odds almost always outweigh the payoff, but still chose to play a losing game hoping to be the exception. In both gambling and life, this obsession with “beating the odds” results in a select few winning big, while the vast majority get to wave goodbye to their hard earned money.

If you came to our website in an effort to turn $10 into $1, 000, 000 without much effort, LEAVE! Better yet, stop wasting your energy on a shortcut and start working smarter. If you think card counting is your solution to being lazy and financially irresponsible, you’re wrong. If you’re lazy and irresponsible with money, you’ll lose it at the tables. Successful people don’t get lucky. They make their own luck. In the same way,

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