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Best low limit Blackjack casinos in AC?
September 17, 2016 – 12:04 am
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What is everyone's experience with low limit blackjack in AC? I usually play at Borgata, which always seems to have a $5 3-2 table. It tends to be very crowded though. Last trip I ventured to Harrahs and they had numerous $10 tables but most if not all for at 6-5 payout for blackjack. I won't play at a 6-5 table.

Are Caesars, Harrahs, and Ballys all paying 6-5 at their low limit tables now? Do any other casinos besides Borgata offer $5 tables? I would love to hear other players' recent experiences. I like to play for 4-5 hours straight so I prefer the low limit options.

Borg is the best casino to play some blackjack. Don't waste your time to play bj in other casinos such as these:

Golden Nugget
Trump Taj Mahal

Borg caters to all types of players. Borg offers $5 bj for low-rollers 24/7. It offers $25 bj for medium-rollers. It also offers $5, 000 a hand (in that cozy room) for some big players (i.e, some New York City diamond dealers with paper bags of bricks of $100 bills.)

Hey do you know which casino brings in the most cash in AC (hint: $53, 502, 719 in winnings)?

And last month it won the most money from players because it offers the best slots & table games to lure in gamblers/winners/losers. Hmm...why can't these 7 casinos (Bally's, Caesars, Golden Nugget, Harrah's, Resorts, Tropicana, & Trump Taj Mahal) try to compete against Borg successfully? Those 7 CEOs' greed and short sight are some reasons, Perhaps?

I'm OK with Corps which pick and choose clienteles. Both insurance companies and casinos have the right to pick and choose customers. They may keep profitable ones and kicked out the rest. But, I'm not OK with a casino supervisor who says counting cards... is like stealing food from a buffet (a foodlifting offense), or video-taping a movie in a cinema (a piracy offense).

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