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Lone Wolf Blackjack Tracking and Analysis System
December 28, 2015 – 03:54 pm
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Blackjack Science recognized that there are few, if any, tracking systems for Blackjack AP play available for sale. Those that do exist in the market fall short of providing the type of data and analysis desired.

Having managed a large team, we used QFIT's products to design our teams blackjack playing protocols. QFIT’s suite of products are the “gold standard” in game evaluation and planning based on their in depth simulations. There products provides results and game metrics for a wide variety of games.

We wanted to be able to contrast our actual play with the projected results provided by CVCX. Critical metrics of frequency distribution, win loss rates and standard deviations by true count for these games were determined to be strategic components to an effective tracking and analysis system. Building a system to provide these comparison became the answer.

We also found this methodology requires a disciplined and detailed approach by the player for session reporting. It became clear that the results from such a system would provide a much more accurate depiction of EV and the other critical metrics and provides for both individual session analysis and cumulative analysis.

We then developed this system that is based on the game metrics provided by QFIT's product CVCX. Using CVCX data, we created a “library” of games for use that contains the frequency distribution, win/loss percentage and standard deviation provided at each true count. With this data as the foundation, we are able to calculate CVCX "like" results for each actual session recorded. Our library is based on HiLo with full indexes but the system could be easily adapted to any count system and game structure provided by CVCX. Much of the design of this system evolved from our experience at building, and using, the system described for a team that recorded over 3, 500 sessions. This subset designed for individual use provides detailed data needed to support proper accounting and to measure your results against the CVCX metrics both by session and by cumulative play.

We believe this system provides far superior information for the "lone wolf" to manage his attack.

Additionally, players using an alternative count system and desiring to use this system, should contact Blackjack Science for instruction on adding those games to the "Game Library".

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