21 card game Instructions

The Fun of Playing 21 Cards Rummy
November 28, 2013 – 01:32 pm
BlackJack 21 Pontoon Card

21 cards rummyMore cards mean more fun- These words sound true for 21 Cards Rummy! Play 21 Cards Rummy with new game rules, exciting card concepts, and challenging gameplay.

21 Cards Rummy is almost similar to 13 Cards Rummy except for some interesting twists. Here are some of the fun aspects of 21 cards rummy that make it as the most unique variation of rummy games:

Cards Dealt: There are no surprises while dealing with this! As the name suggests, 21 cards are dealt to each player, making it 8 cards more than the traditional rummy games.

Deck of Cards: Three decks of cards are used in 21 cards rummy. With three cards of the same value and rank, you will have to use improvised strategies to deal with an extra deck.

Pure Sequences: An extra deck means an extra pure sequence. You need to finish the objective of finishing 21 Cards Rummy with 3 pure sequences.

Value Cards: Played as Jokers, these value cards carry extra points that can penalize your opponents with additional points. If you get lucky with Marriage in hand, you can get a tremendous boost on your winnings.

New Card Concepts: The exciting concepts of Dublee and Tunnela add more fun to the overall gameplay of 21 Cards Rummy. Use them and improve your chances of winning.

Source: www.jungleerummy.com
Interesting facts

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This game, like Brain Age, was supervised by Professor Ryuta Kawashima of Tohoku University. It uses the Rewritable Stage arcade cabinet. The arcade version of The Idolm@ster...

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What are the rrules for 21 card game? | Yahoo Answers

Object: To get rid of all your cards and catch your opponents with as many points as possible.
The Play: All cards are divided into 3 bands of color. Each player in turn, tries to play a card that matches and covers two colors on the card face up on the table.

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