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New Game: Introducing Pharaoh’s Tomb Blackjack!
February 3, 2017 – 02:58 pm
Ideas for a weekday
This will replace the progressive ‘daily bonus’ that’s been in place up till now. Stay tuned for updates…

3) Receive gifts from the game too

Gifting is one of our most popular features in Slots Wheel Deal, and we’re doing it one better in Blackjack. As before you’ll be able to exchange gifts with buddies, but now, you’ll also be able to receive gifts from the game itself as well. Be on the lookout for some big chip gifts coming soon when you play Pharaoh’s Tomb Blackjack! To redeem the special chip gifts, click on the ‘Gift’ button in the game lobby and press ‘collect.’

4) Side Bets on Suited Blackjacks

How do you make multiplayer Blackjack even more interesting? Add side bets that everyone can win on to spice up the action! When you (or any player) gets a Suited Blackjack, you’ll unlock the side bet. Place your bet for a chance to receive a 15:1 payout!

Interesting facts

In this episode of Celebrity Blackjack, the cards take strange turns as a player goes from worst to first and a few favorites end up being shut-out. D.L. takes off to an early lead, but when he falls behind with three hands to go, he bets it all and loses. Caroline Rhea develops a weird dynamic with the dealer and an even weirder dynamic with...

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Popular Q&A
what gift can I give the blackjack dealers I hired for a party, say thank you.

Most people will tip the blackjack dealer a chip or two from their winnings as a "thank you" for being their dealer. That is always a very classy way to say thanks to the dealer for giving you good hands and doing a good job. !

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