Casino style Blackjack

BlackJack – play solitaire casino style of 21!
April 30, 2020 – 04:37 am
Casino-style Blackjack

BlackJack – play solitaire casino style of 21!BlackJack by WhatWapp Entertainment is a swift & casual solitaire game of casino style 21. Do you have what it takes to break the bank and score all of the cash?

Price: Free, plus In-app Purchases

Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


  • Really fun Black Jack game!
  • Advance levels for tougher difficulty!
  • Offers bonus free money based on achievements!
  • Several casino themes!


  • Gaming engine can be predictable… see how.
  • No multi-player, only playing against the dealer.


BlackJack by WhatWapp Entertainment adds a little spice to the classic casino game of 21 by introducing various levels (up to 25) which increase in difficulty in achieving those levels. You can choose from one of five tables; Las Vegas, Reno, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City and Macao from the settings menu. The game is fairly standard as you can bet or be bold and go all in. Once you deal the cards, you can Double, Hit or Split. Other standard rules included are insurance paying 2 to 1 and dealer must draw to 16 and stand on all 17 numbers- this you can use to your advantage. Unfortunately, you only battle the dealer which can be predictive and repetitive. Tip: I’ve figured out what I believe to be a weakness in the game- bet a normal small amount of $10 or $50 and when you lose two or sometimes three times in a row, then bet big the next hand (if felling confident bet All In!), then taper down the bet amount thereafter… you’ll score some serious cash and level up faster! I’ve also noticed, however, upon every hand a brand new deck is introduced. For example, I’ve played a hand where the dealer had 3 Aces and I BlackJack’d with the fourth- yet on the very next hand an Ace was introduced. Thus, it eliminates card counting and makes the game more challenging in that respect…

The game is linked to Google Play Game services to stack up scores against other Google+ folks in the online leaderboards; but it would be a nice feature to enter tables online and play against those others in real-time. If not that fancy feature at least have an offering to allow more virtual players of different difficulty levels. You can earn more free cash by sharing your achievements on social media, leveling up, or by following the developers or you can opt to spend real cash for virtual cash.

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where's a good place to play blackjack online casino style with free chips? | Yahoo Answers

Betfair has the best rules around with its Zero Blackjack. If you stick to basic strategy you can get practically close to playing a zero house margin game. Its got the best rules i've seen around for a long time.
I believe they have a play money version to try out, if thats what your looking for.

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