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How to Play War (Card Game)
January 2, 2012 – 04:55 pm
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Know the object of the game. The goal of the game is to eventually win all of the cards. War is generally played between two people, but up to four people can play. The ranking for cards in War from highest to lowest is A K Q J T (10) 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2. Nothing beats an Ace and a 2 beats nothing.


This should be a standard deck of 52 cards. Try to mix them up as much as possible, especially if it's a brand new deck. Deal back and forth between you and your opponent until the two of you have the same number of cards. You should have 26 cards each. Neither player should look at his or her cards.
  • If you are playing with three or four players, follow the same protocol. Deal each player an equal amount of cards. If you are playing with three, each player should have 17 cards.Image titled Play War (Card Game) Step 2 For four players, each player should have 13 cards.

Part 2 of 3: Playing War

  1. Place the cards face-down on the table. Players are not allowed to look at their cards. Your opponent should not be able to see your cards either. You can also hold them fanned out away from you.
  2. 5

    Image titled Play War (Card Game) Step 3Count to three and then flip a card. Each player must count down and flip a card at the same time. You should only flip the top card of your stack of cards.

  3. Compare your cards to see which is higher. The player with the higher card wins the round and collects both cards to add to their hand.
  4. Go to 'War' when the cards you flip are the same card. For example, you both flip your cards and each of you flips over a '6'. Now is the time to go to war. To go to war, each player must place three more cards face-down on the table. Flip over a fourth card as you would flip a card when not at 'War'. Whoever has the higher fourth card is the person who takes all 10 cards from the round. If a player doesn't have enough cards to play the war, the player must turn his/her last card face-up.Image titled Play War (Card Game) Step 4 This will be the card used to play the war.
    • If you are playing with three or four players: If two or more players tie for highest card, each player places one card face-down. Everyone plays the next card face-up as they would during a non-War round. The player with the highest card wins. If there is another tie between two or more players, the War continues.
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    Play until one person wins all the cards in the deck. This might take awhile, since War is a game of chance, but on lazy day, it's a great way to occupy your time.

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