Best Blackjack card counting system

The Best Blackjack “Card Counting” Movies
March 11, 2016 – 09:20 am
Card counting system is best

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 5.00.47 PMBlackjack has been incredibly popular since shortly after its origins Europe in the 17th century, when it was known as “.” The game eventually became known as blackjack in the US due a bonus that had been introduced which paid when a player’s first two cards were the Ace of spades and one of the black jacks. It quickly became one of the most popular games in gambling houses and casinos. The game received a big shot in the arm in 1962 when mathematician Edward Thorpe published his revolutionary book Beat the Dealer.

Thorpe was not a gambler, but proved that blackjack could be beater by players that learned . The book created momentary panic in the casino industry while spurring even more players to flock to casinos in search of huge wins. The casinos eventually calmed down after realizing that the influx of new players was good for business, and players continued to try to master Thorpe’s system.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 5.04.15 PMOver the years card counting has reached almost mythological status and has provided plots twists and the back drop for several Hollywood films.


The MIT Blackjack Team, the for the film 21, was indeed a real group. The film uses a book about the team, Bringing Down the House, as its basis, but is definitely a work of fiction. 21 is however highly entertaining. The real MIT blackjack team did indeed win a great deal of money in casinos throughout the US, but the problems they encountered are highly exaggerated.

The best take away for would be counters is that learning to count cards and making six-or-seven figure paydays requires a lot of work, training and concentration.

The Last Casino

This 2004 Canadian Film is in many ways the “original” version of 21. The Last Casino also follows the and their numerous big scores until advances in casinos security led to the team being easily to spot and subsequently barred from the casinos.

Rain Man

The Tom Cruise – Dustin Hoffman film contains what is possibly the most famous blackjack scene in film history. Hoffman plays Cruise’s autistic brother. The two are taking a road trip to Cruise’s home in LA and make a stop in Las Vegas. Cruise realizes how he can use his brother’s talent to make a large profit at the blackjack tables. As is standard in blackjack movies, casino security catch on and ask the two to leave.

Interesting facts

Ben Mezrich (born 1969) is an American author from Princeton, New Jersey.
He graduated magna-cum-laude with a degree in Social Studies from Harvard University in 1991. Some of his books have been written under the pseudonym Holden Scott. Mezrich attended Princeton Day School, in Princeton, New Jersey. He is known for his non-fiction books.

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Popular Q&A
What is the best card counting system in blackjack game.

Depends on your skill.
The Uston Advanced Point Count System has the highest playing efficiency with 69%.
But its difficult to learn.
An easier one is the Hi-Opt II which has a pe of 67%.

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