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Numberjacks - Addition Facts to 10
October 21, 2015 – 10:53 am
By creating Numberjacks:

A collection of games to help children learn and practise addition bonds for totals up to 10. Each game can be played at different levels and comes with instructions and suggestions for adults to help them make the most of the activities with the child. Burst the Bubble: A Numberjack is trapped in the Puzzler’s bubble. Choose numbers that add up to the trapped Numberjack to burst the bubble. Tree Rescue: Two people are stuck in a tree. Match the first person’s number of stepping stones to rescue them both. Gym Ball: The Numberjacks are playing headers in the gym. Pick the Numberjack that is the total of the first two Numberjacks to catch the ball. Who do you need when the second Numberjack is the missing one? Numbertaker Challenge: The Numbertaker is taking numbers from addition sums. Choose the correct number to complete the sum. How many sums can you put right before time runs out? Kids build up Brain Gain as they play the games. They are rewarded with pictures and songs from the CBeebies Numberjacks television programmes, their own Brain Gain Zapper and a Boing Ball game to play with.


This app works on Windows 8 and Windows 10

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