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How to Start a Blackjack Team
January 3, 2017 – 12:01 pm
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We get a lot of emails from people who just watched the Holy Rollers documentary, which tells the true story of the blackjack team we ran for several years. Naturally we get asked the question, “Do you guys still play and can I join your team?”

The Church Team officially disbanded at the end of 2011. Some former members of the team do play on their own from time to time (including Ben and Colin), but not in a large-scale, organized fashion.

Usually when people hear this response, the next question we get asked is, “How do I join/start a team?” We will get into some practical things you can do to start or join a team, but first you have to consider WHY you want to start a team. Typically there are 3 legitimate reasons for people to play on a team.

Three Reasons to Play on a Blackjack Team:

  1. Pooled Resources – If you and four buddies each have $5, 000, you can pool your bankrolls together and each play as though you had $25, 000. This allows you to generate more EV with less risk than you would have if you played alone on your $5, 000.
  2. The long run is nearer – Card counting is only profitable if you can play several hundred hours to overcome the variance or “luck” of the game. If you and your four buddies all played the same amount of hours on your $25, 000 bankroll, it’s the mathematical equivalent of one person playing 5 times as fast as a normal human could. That means the long run happens a lot quicker and you can be more assured of winning money more quickly than if you played on your own.
  3. Comradery – Blackjack is often a loner’s game. Nobody in the casino understands what you’re doing (and wouldn’t like it if they did), often your own family doesn’t understand what you’re doing, and spending long hours in the casino environment (where if you do your job well you get fired) can really get rough at times. Playing with a group of people that are going through the same things as you, and are financially interested in you doing well, can take the edge off a little bit.
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Interesting facts

Jane Willis is a partner at Ropes & Gray. While studying at Harvard, she had a reputation as a mathematical wiz, and was recruited into the MIT Blackjack Team. The book Bringing Down the House and film 21 are both based on the team's exploits. Willis is a character in both the book and film, where her name has been changed to Jill.
She is...

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