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Blackjack Card Counting
September 9, 2016 – 11:00 pm
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card-counting-is-not-rocket-scienceGetting rid of low cards is a good thing so we score positive points when that happens.
Mid cards are neutral so we don’t have to keep track of them.
Getting rid of broadway cards is bad, we need those big cards for blackjack! Our count loses points/value when these great cards get used up.

We only need to know the difference between the number of small cards that have been used up and the number of big cards. It’s as simple as that.

Hand Example

It’s the first hand of the shoe. I stand on T4 since the dealer is showing a 6. He then shows a 2 as his other card. He hits and gets a Jack (J).

What is the count at the end of this hand?

If you answered +1 then you’re right. Here are the details:
T: -1
4: +1
6: +1
2: +1
J: -1
total: +1

This is the running count but what really matters is the true count. We’ll get to the true count later.

Another Hand Example

As we saw above, the first hand of the shoe gave us a running count of +1. We’re now on the second hand and it goes like this:

Me: AQ
Dealer: 5K7

Here are the count details for this second hand:
A: -1
Q: -1
5: +1
K: -1 total: -2

What is the running count now? It was +1 at the start of this second hand. The second hand deducted 2 points from the running count so now the running count is -1.

Running Count

The running count is the sum of the individual counts of all hands in the shoe.

If the individual count of the first hand in the shoe is +1 then the running count is +1. If the second hand in this shoe has an individual count of -2 then the running count becomes -1. If the third hand in this shoe has an individual count of +3 then the running count becomes +2.

True Count

The true count is the running count divided by the number of decks left in the shoe. For example, if there are 2 decks left in the shoe and the running count is +4 then the true count is +2. On the negative side, if the running count is -6 and there are 2 decks left then the true count is -3.

Betting Strategy

If the true count is near 0 or below 0 then players bet the minimum. Players bet more as the true count gets high above 0. We use a betting system where the betting unit is the same as the table minimum. Starting with +1, every one point increase in the true count adds another betting unit.

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