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Card Counting In Blackjack Games
September 24, 2016 – 12:55 am
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Counting cardsAs the game of blackjack became more popular in the 20th century, players began to seek out ways to beat the game. Basic strategy offered reasonable odds of beating the house, but mathematically minded players looked into the game and the odds to find ways to win more frequently. Out of this analysis blackjack card counting was born and since it was devised it's became the weapon of choice for professional players. However, while blackjack card counting strategy is still practiced by some live players, the strategy does not work for online blackjack.

  • Counting cards is a fun live blackjack challenge
  • Beware of land-based casinos watching for card counters
  • Card counting is not a practical online blackjack strategy

Learning to count cards in blackjack is a fun mind exercise and test and it can be a profitable way to beat the odds at live blackjack. Unfortunately, however, becoming an online blackjack card counter isn't such a profitable endeavour because random number generators ensure fair play.Basics of counting cards Moreover, because it's unclear how many decks the casino is using - basically because the random number generator doesn't mimic the flow of cards from a deck, instead it simply churns out random results - you can't carry out the necessary calculations to gain a true count.

How Card Counting Began

The process of blackjack card counting is one that requires concentration and focus, as well as a math-based mindset. Players who practice card counting and use it in live casino play often make money doing so but risk being caught by casinos. While the practice is not illegal, casinos have the right to deny players access to games if they are thought to be counting cards because the player edge is so great. However, blackjack card counting online doesn't pose this risk because random number generators keep the cards in motion regardless of the decks in play. The downside to this benefit, however, is that online blackjack card counting is almost impossible.

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