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Live blackjack house edge by casino calculations
February 29, 2016 – 04:16 am
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Set out in the table below are the mathematical house edges applicable to 7 seat live blackjack games offered at various live casinos, based on a consideration of their house rules and an assumption of optimal game play.

It offers a comparison of optimal play blackjack returns at various live casinos. That is to say, the house edge enjoyed by the casino if you are playing correct basic strategy.

If you are not playing optimally, the house edge figures become irrelevant.

The smaller the house edge the better!

* Smart Live Blackjack not available 24/7

live dealer blackjack card counting

2 common myths perpetuated about the game of blackjack:

1. Non-optimal play by other players at your table will effect your returns.

Players often grumble and groan at the decisions made by other players at their table under the misguided belief that these decisions will impact negatively on their bet outcomes. In fact, while non-optimal, or even downright ridiculous decisions made by other players may put you off your game, they will have absolutely no impact on the mathematical returns applying to your game.

Similarly, where you are positioned on the table relative to other players, good or bad, is irrelevant to the house edge applicable to your bet decisions.

2. Counting cards is illegal.

Casinos would certainly like to have you believe this, as it discourages counting, but the fact is it is perfectly legal and no casino can prosecute a player for having counted their way to a massive win at the blackjack table.

This isn’t to say they will tolerate proficient counters however. All casinos, whether terrestrial or online employ counter measures to detect and or prevent players’ ability to effectively count and bet to that count. And of course in the event that these counter measures don’t work, there is that old casino fallback of reserving the right to refuse service to whom ever they choose.

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