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Skyrim Mod #2: Blackjack
May 6, 2016 – 09:09 pm
Blackjack weapon club

The first released mod Mark Targets was a simple mod adding a new lesser power in the Sneak skill tree. This mod adds a new weapon called the Blackjack. You would think, then that this is also a very simple mod. However this mod is anything but simple.

This weapon is not designed to do damage and is based on the weapon of the same name from the Thief game series (Blackjack background). When you sneak up on an enemy you can hit them with this weapon and it will render them unconscious. It is very useful for non-lethal encounters. You can neutralize an opponent without having to kill them. It is also a silent weapon which means that it is very good for tight situations when you need to take care of multiple targets.

Blackjack in game

Once the target is down you can interact with them to loot their items, drag their body around, or you can wake them up. If you leave them alone they will eventually wake up on their own.

Head over to the nexus to grab this great new weapon: .

I plan on posting a series of articles detailing how I made this mod. It’s a great mod for teaching a lot of different techniques in Skyrim’s Creation Kit: new weapons, magic effects, Papyrus scripting, and more.

Source: www.darkwindmedia.com
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