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July 8, 2016 – 11:15 am
Live dealer games for computer

Experience the thrill and excitement of playing some of your favorite casino games, now in a more convenient size. Play on your computer or Android and Apple mobile devices!

The 5Dimes Mini Games offer full game play of several of the most popular casino games including Blackjack, Video Poker, Baccarat and more. Rebate Blackjack and Rebate Video Poker offer up a 0.2% volume rebate*.

Each game can be played on your computer in a smaller window so that it can easily be moved to any position on your screen. This feature allows you to play while other windows are opened.

Or, take the action with you! 5Dimes Mini Games are available for iPhone or Android devices so you can play a quick game almost anywhere. No need to wait… start playing today!

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*Get a 0.2% Volume Rebate on Rebate Blackjack and Rebate Video Poker!
The 0.2% is calculated on all risked funds, meaning on all original bets, splits and double downs.

The 0.2% Volume Rebate will be applied at 12:30AM ET daily and it will appear in your account as "Mini Blackjack Volume Rebate" and "Mini Video Poker Volume Rebate". The minimum rebate applied will be $0.01.

Interesting facts

Civil War is a text-based computer game that puts the player against the computer in a simulation of the American Civil War. Civil War originated in the large, multi-user "mainframe" computer in the 1970s.
Civil War simulates the major battles of the conflict, with the human player as the South and the computer as the North. Fourteen separate...

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Popular Q&A
Where can I get free games for the Samsung Blackjack through a desktop computer

From your desktop you can visit to get free games for your Samsung Blackjack! Have fun, and on!

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