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No Bust Blackjack at The Commerce Casino near LA
March 4, 2017 – 05:43 pm
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Object >

In No Bust Blackjack the object is to form a hand that totals as close to a “Natural” as possible, without exceeding it. A “Natural” hand beats all other hands. A “Natural” is a hand consisting of two Jokers.

Gameplay >

Aces are 1 or 11; Picture cards are 10; Jokers are wild; any card(s) with the Joker will form a 21. The game is played with either single or multiple standard decks. If multiple decks are used, one Joker is added to each deck.

Players receive two cards face-up; the player/dealer receives one card face-up. Players may draw additional cards after the deal. Once they are done, the player/dealer will receive a second card and then additional hit cards as required, but if the player/dealer’s face-up card is a Joker, there is no draw.

See chart: “Hit/Stand Rules for Players.”

Classic Gaming in a World-Class Setting

Sometimes, only the classics will do. Blackjack. Poker. Baccarat. When that’s the case, come to The Commerce Hotel & Casino.

The Commerce is home to the World’s Largest Poker Room and features the largest selection of table games in California. Our thrilling promotions include high stakes tournaments. We’re more than just gaming too. From the adrenaline-rushed excitement of live MMA and boxing matches to live headliner concerts, we know how to entertain.

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