Black Jack DC

Bocce Court
January 4, 2017 – 12:05 pm
Black Jack

Indoor Bocce Courts? In a bar? Absolutely...

Welcome to the Bocce Court of Black Jack. A place where you and your friends can engage in a fierce competition of strategy and precision, and of course, bragging rights. And we haven't forgotten about all the fans that will want cheer you on to victory. There are 19 stadium seats that offer great views of the games, a place to sit back and enjoy a drink and plenty of waiting room for all the teams lined up for a chance to de-throne the champ.


1. Order a round of drinks for your team prior to the start of play.

2. Teams will consist of 1 to 4 players; toss a coin to determine the starting team.

3. The starting team may roll/toss the "Jack" (small white ball) into the playing area so it lands between the half line and the back foul line (2 fouls gives the opposing team the starting toss). The starting team then rolls/tosses their first ball attempting to get as close to the jack as possible.

4. Now players from the opposing team throw until one of their balls gets closer to the Jack (the Jack can now be hit and knocked around the court).

5. If the opposing team gets closer, the starting team throws again, and so on until all 4 of each team's balls are in play. (Teams do not rotate throws: the furthest from the Jack always throws until all 4 of their balls are in play).

6. Players may only take 1 step towards the center line when tossing their ball. Hard or aggressive throws are not allowed.

7. Scoring: Only one team scores per frame. (A frame consists of each team throwing all their balls). The team with the closest ball to the Jack gets 1 point for each ball that is closer to the Jack than the other team’s closest ball (for a maximum of 4 points in a frame).

8. The team that scored points begins the next frame.

Interesting facts

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