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Las Vegas NV laws re "casino gambling cheating"
April 26, 2021 – 10:41 am
Caught on camera cheating in

CheatingWith Nevada being a gambling Mecca, it is no surprise that local authorities crack down hard when someone is caught cheating at gambling in the casinos. Penalties may include years in prison as well as steep fines and restitution. However an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney could possibly get the charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

This article explains the Nevada crime of cheating at gaming. Scroll down to learn what constitutes cheating, how the charges may be fought, and what penalties courts impose.


It is illegal to cheat at a gambling game in any Nevada establishment that provides licensed gambling. The legal definition of "cheating" in Nevada is to "alter the elements of chance, method of selection or criteria which determine:

(a) The result of a game;

(b) The amount or frequency of payment in a game;

(c) The value of a wagering instrument; or

(d) The value of a wagering credit."

Example: Jim, Jack and Joel all go to the Mirage casino in Las Vegas. Jim puts counterfeit coins in a slot machine. John steals a card from the blackjack deck. And Joel switches out chips in poker. They all cheated in different ways. But if caught, they all would be prosecuted under NRS 465.083 in Nevada.

Note that cheating is prohibited in all venues that offer legal gambling, from high-profile casinos to supermarkets with slot machines near the front. Also note that anyone may be prosecuted for cheating at gambling, including the owner or employees of the gaming establishment.

Cheating at gaming is a different crime in Nevada from gambling fraud. However, they have many similarities and have the same penalties. Learn more about the Nevada crime of gaming fraud.

Attempts & Conspiracies

A defendant may be still be convicted of cheating at gaming even if he/she merely attempted to cheat or conspired to cheat. Therefore, it does not matter whether the accused actually carried out the cheating or whether he personally played the gambling game. Reno NV criminal defense attorney Neil Shouse explains:

Example: John and Sam agree to cheat at blackjack in the Fiesta. John gives Sam money to gamble with, and Sam tries to insert stray cards into the deck. If caught, both Sam and John could be booked at the Henderson Detention Center for conspiring to cheat even though John didn't physically touch the blackjack table or try to insert the cards himself.
Interesting facts

Muck in gambling has multiple meanings. In poker, it most often refers to the pile of discarded cards into which players may throw their folded hands, and into which the dealer may place burned cards. It may also refer to the action of throwing a hand into the muck. The practice of mucking cards when discarding helps to ensure that no other...

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