Security jobs in Las Vegas casinos

50 Important Security Jobs
July 14, 2016 – 12:14 pm
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Security TitleThey protect presidents and pre-schoolers; prevent cyber and terrorist attacks. And take preventive measures to protect the homeland. They are all specialists in one way or another … trained in several security positions, protecting people, companies and country. Amazingly, the range of jobs in the field is quite extraordinary. The pay can be into the six or seven figure range, or practically nothing. The job, however, is always important.

Salaries for all the jobs listed below [They are not listed in order of salary since within each job category, payout varies] are different by states, companies and in the case of personal bodyguards, individuals, but in general, those given are median salaries, as documented on and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

50. Casino Security Guard

These individuals patrol casino properties and ensure the safety of both guests and employees. It is likely they also look for card cheaters. Like all security personnel, they respond to emergencies as needed, and notify local police officers when backup is necessary.

Generally casinos look for individuals with law enforcement background, cops, or individuals with industrial security backgrounds (guards). The highest salaries are usually found at Las Vegas casinos.
Salary: $26, 000

49. Retail Store Detective

These security agents are responsible for the apprehension and prosecution of shoplifters and the prevention of theft. Not a uniformed security guard or watchman. The field is larger than you might think. Almost every major department stores, not just chains, hire undercover agents to walk through stores and watch for shoplifters.

Sometimes those agents sit behind the scenes and watch cameras located throughout the store, but whether they are watching screens or walking the floor, they save companies millions of dollars in theft.

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