Blackjack rules Atlantic City

AC Blackjack Rules
June 17, 2017 – 02:21 am
And highest powered blackjack

I recently went to Vegas and found this 'Las Vegas Blackjack Survey' link very useful:

I was able to find one of the good tables at the Aria and did well. My question is does a survey like this exist for AC? Does anybody know if they have tables that pay 3:2, stand on soft 17, double after split, surrender, and re-splitting of aces? If so, what are the table minimums? I live on the east coast but haven't been to AC in quite some time. If they had decent tables it would give me incentive to go back. I most certainly will not be going to AC again anytime soon if their blackjacks pay 6:5, hit soft 17, etc.

Yes, you're in luck because there is a chart (embedded below) which serves almost like a blackjack survey.

From the chart, you look for the ACTIVE casino with the smallest win%, i.e, Borg's 11.1 win%.

So, right now, Borgata is the best casino to play bj per the chart below.

You will love to play @Borgata. It's so unique. No other casinos can beat Borg's bj games.

For lowrollers, Borg offers the famous 3:2 $5 bj game 24/7 @ table#128.

For $25 bj players, Borg offers 6 deck bj games in pit#4, table#20 thru #32 (13 tables).

For highrollers/whales, Borg also offers the bj game with $20, 000 minimum bet (the mustard-chip players) @ table#14 in the private room of Pit#1.

I'm OK with Corps which pick and choose clienteles. Both insurance companies and casinos have the right to pick and choose customers. They may keep profitable ones and kicked out the rest. But, I'm not OK with a casino supervisor who says counting cards... is like stealing food from a buffet (a foodlifting offense), or video-taping a movie in a cinema (a piracy offense).

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