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March 7, 2024 – 11:18 pm
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The Game

Blackjack Extreme is a playing-card game developed and patented by MADtek Games, LLC. It is a new method of playing Blackjack which converts the role of "dealer" into an active participant in the game.

Each player acts in turn as a "player/dealer" (dealer), and plays the hand the other players must beat. The dealer must bank all the wagers made by the players.

In return for being exposed to a higher limit of risk, the dealer enjoys the strategic edge of acting last, having the options to surrender, bluff and hit any soft hand.

The standard version of the game is played with two standard decks of 52 cards. The shoe is reshuffled when less than 26 cards remain before starting a new hand.

The unique aspects of BlackJack eXtreme are:

  • Each player must place a blind bet within set limits prior to deal
  • Cards are dealt to players one up and one down
  • Both dealer cards are dealt face down – revealed card is dealer's choice
  • A betting round allows for adjustment before resolving the hands
  • Players may surrender or raise their bet with no limit on raised amount
  • Player's down cards are revealed and the hands resolved
  • Raised hands may receive more than one card as needed
  • No limits on splitting pairs
  • Dealer may surrender prior to resolving player hands
  • Dealer may hit any soft hand but must stand on hard 17 or higher or may stand on soft 17 or higher if desired.
  • Card counting is encouraged.

As bets and raises are made, chips are moved from the "dealer's" chip stack to the center of the table. Player's bets and raises are displayed adjacent to the player avatar/ icon.

The hands resolve using blackjack card values and win/lose decision rules. If any players have blackjack and not raised, once the dealer decides to play or fold, chips sufficient to cover the additional premium paid those players are moved from the dealer's chip stack to the center of the table, insuring that the pot is sufficient to cover all accepted bets. If the dealer has been placed all in, the game continues and bets paid according to the formula set forth below.

Interesting facts

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Popular Q&A
Blackjack rules at Mohegan Sun? | Yahoo Answers

As of fairly recently, (a year or 2), the Sun's (and Foxwood's) rules on soft 17 were changed. Now the dealers hit it.
Most games are either 6 or 8 deck shoes. Surrender is allowed. I'm not sure what you mean by "peek". The dealer's hole card always remains hidden until the dealer plays out his hand. The dealer checks for a Blackjack via an electronic system. The dealer holds the card over a tiny scanner that scans the corner of the card for an Ace or a Face Card. (Is that what you meant?)

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