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May 7, 2016 – 09:24 pm
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Book PictureClub USA Casino Blackjack is the best bet for practicing blackjack basic strategy without stress and distractions. The game comes in both free play and real money modes and you can play up to three hands on your own table. The rules are favorable and with a house edge of only 0.71%, better than many casinos. The table minimum is $1 per hand and the maximum is $500.

Blackjack at Casino-on-NetCasino-on-Net takes a progressive approach to blackjack players by featuring a thorough rule and strategy section on the site. The blackjack help area even has a blackjack basic strategy Home of the Blackjack Basic Strategy EngineWant to fine tune your blackjack strategy? There's no better place for getting the right chart for the game you're playing than the Blackjack Strategy Engine at You can choose the number of decks, the rules for soft 17, doubling, double after split, surrender, and the hole card rule. Enter all of your parameters, and presto - your blackjack strategy chart is ready. Highly recommended.Learning basic strategy is the most important step to winning more when playing blackjack. The strategy doesn't involve card counting, but all blackjack professionals have basic strategy down pat and use it every hand. Blackjack basic strategy is a series of rules that you follow when deciding when to fold, hit, stand, double down or split pairs. The rules aren't overwhelming; they can all fit on a blackjack strategy card. To take your game to the next level here at ReadyBetGo!Best online Blackjack playing strategies

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The most popular online casino games are those that not only bring out the best in a players' ability, judgment, and gut instinct but also allow them to ride their luck when need be. For that reason Blackjack is the number one choice of card game for an ever increasing number of internet gamers.Splitting Aces & Eights in Blackjack

by Henry Tamburin

Always split aces and eights. That is one of the golden rules for blackjack players but not according to a friend of mine. He insists that splitting eights against a dealer upcard of 9, 10, or ace is crazy because you are probably going to lose anyway, so why double your loss by splitting in blackjack?Learning Blackjack Basic Strategy

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Learning basic strategy isn't so hard if you stay away from casinos at first. It might take a few hours or even weeks, but your efforts will pay dividends for a lifetime of blackjack play.Revisiting the Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart

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If you're a blackjack player, and have never looked at a basic strategy table, you should. It's a tidy little grid, with possible player hands down the side, and possible dealer face-up cards across the top. Yet, there is an exception to all that orderliness. Lose More Hands with Blackjack Basic Strategy?

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Basic strategy is geared to maximizing wins and minimizing losses - of money, not hands. Sometimes utilizing basic strategy will actually lose you more hands! Find out why. . .Know How to Play the Game (The Basic Strategy)
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Remember hit 7up. That's it. If dealer shows 7 and up and you don't have at least 17, hit it. Otherwise stay. Some people at the table play free-style blackjack, which is wrong and they may get mad at you, ignore those people. I've been dealing in casinos for 12 years and I've seen maybe 4 or 5 people play strictly that way. They didn't freestyle or anything, they just played that way the entire time they played. They won thousands. It didn't matter what the other players were doing around them, they played their game and WON!! Most of the other players around them lost, they won. Did t…

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