Blackjack basic strategy practice

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January 16, 2016 – 11:09 pm
Hit 21

Basic blackjack strategy

Some casinos have slight variations in their blackjack rules, but the following apply to most versions that you can play online.

Use this Blackjack strategy chart that we give here in the beginning with all your games, and in time you will know “by heart” what to do in every given situation.But especially in the beginning it is handy and Smart to play purely by the strategies this chart gives. Even if you think that you should take the “change” and to gamble on the next card Stick to this and you will play the best winning practice!

Doubling Down

When you’ve received your initial two cards, you can increase your bet by up to double, in return for receiving only one more card. There are clear situations when you should double down: When your two cards total 10 and the dealer is showing less than a 10You’re dealt A-4, A-5 or A-6 and the dealer is showing a 6 or lessYou’re dealt 5-5 when the dealer is showing less than a 10


Blackjack StrategyIf you’re dealt two cards that are the same, you can split them and play each card as a separate hand. When this is an option, the split button will appear and by clicking this you are placing another bet, equal to your initial bet, on the ‘second’ hand. In some casinos, you can only split identical cards e.g., J-J, while in others you can split cards of the same value e.g., J-10. You should always split A-A and 8-8It’s good tactics to split 6-6, 7-7 and 9-9 when the dealer is showing 6 or less


Surrender is a rule found in some online casinos, although you won’t find it offered everywhere, as it’s not especially familiar to Australian and New Zealand players. Surrender means that you ‘give up’ on a hand with half of your bet being returned, and is considered useful as a strategy only in very limited and clearly-defined circumstances. Only surrender when you’re dealt 16 and the dealer is showing 9, 10 or A If surrender isn’t played, in the above situations you should hit


If the dealer is showing A, players can take out insurance against their having blackjack. This is an independent side bet that pays 2:1 and can be up to half the size of your initial bet. However, insurance rarely represents good value, as the limited size of the bet and potential win (at most, equal to your initial bet), is not offset by the low probability of the dealer getting blackjack. More often than not (probability dictates), you lose your insurance when the dealer doesn’t hit blackjack, and this lack of value is compounded by being able to lose your initial bet as well at the same time.

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How do you remember basic strategy for blackjack ? | Yahoo Answers

Remember hit 7up. That's it. If dealer shows 7 and up and you don't have at least 17, hit it. Otherwise stay. Some people at the table play free-style blackjack, which is wrong and they may get mad at you, ignore those people. I've been dealing in casinos for 12 years and I've seen maybe 4 or 5 people play strictly that way. They didn't freestyle or anything, they just played that way the entire time they played. They won thousands. It didn't matter what the other players were doing around them, they played their game and WON!! Most of the other players around them lost, they won. Did t…

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