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Top five toughest Pogo.com badges
March 18, 2017 – 07:08 pm
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#5For those not familiar, Pogo.com is a popular casual gaming site that offers a membership service called Club Pogo. All registered players on Pogo.com can load and play a variety of fun Java games. Paid members of this club, in addition, can attempt to fulfill time-based challenges, such as “earn 2000 points in 2 weeks, ” and upon success, earn digital art images called “badges.” Badges can then be displayed one at a time next to a player’s name in the site’s chat function.

Daniel Heck, www.pogo.com


Badges come in small weekly versions, released each Wednesday, as well as bigger animated versions, collected in pre-packaged albums, and what are called “mix-n-match” badges, from which players can construct their own albums.

The evolution of Club Pogo since its inception in 2003 has included the reaching of a delicate balance on the part of the site staff, between providing challenges that are too hard and time-consuming and those that are so easy they don’t even feel like challenges at all. At times, all three types of badges have seen their share of challenges so tough that most players decided to skip them. But correspondingly, it feels unusually good to show them off, if indeed you bothered.

I’ve compiled below a list of the five toughest badges I’ve personally earned over the years, and briefly explained my approach to each. With the exception of the topper of the list, you can still earn each one, should you happen to be a Club Pogo member, but if you activate them, be prepared to dedicate a lot of time to their completion. Also check out the associated slide show to see a visual copy of each badge:

5. Golden Hatful Badge (2011 mix-n-match) – Land on Community Chest 4 times in 3 weeks – Monopoly Slots

What do you expect? It’s a slots game. It just takes patience, since there’s little you can do to control your own luck.

4. Firefly Badge (2003 weekly) – Capture 200 fireflies in one week – Greenback Bayou

This game is also largely luck-based, but the badge required a particular sense of discipline, in the sense of dividing the progress into manageable chunks (e.g., 40 per day for 5 days).

3. World’s Biggest Coffee Cup Badge (2006 mix-n-match) – Clear 30 5-of-a-kind cards in 5 hours – Dice City Roller

This one had the tightest time frame; even if you clear the 5-of-a-kind card in every non-auction game, you’re still left with just over an hour of breathing room. Focus on the red pile exclusively to win. Who wants to sit down to play the same game for this long, anyhow? (I have no life…)

2. Carnival of Sevens Badge – (2006 mix-n-match) – Win 7 “Super 7” side bets in 17 days – Blackjack Carnival

Source: www.examiner.com
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