Professional Blackjack table

Advance BlackJack Strategies
September 5, 2017 – 07:38 am
Professional Blackjack Table
Pair of Dice.

(Recommended For Professionals Only!)

Every day, players come up with new ways to beat blackjack and tweak their play. Some advanced methods of beating the house are illegal; others are not. The legality of advantage play also varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but it is usually legal to beat the game in ways that do not utilize outside devices or otherwise breaking the stated rules of the game. Whether multiple players working together count as “outside devices” has been an enduring point of contention in lawsuits against blackjack teams. Regardless, most casinos are considered private property, so pit bosses and managers can bar you from the premises if they catch you counting or generally attempting to game the system.

Most professional players start off by learning basic strategy in and out. Basic strategy isn’t considered an advantage system or cheating, but it is the foundation for every advantage strategy. Once basic has been mastered, professionals then often practice Hi-Lo, a card counting methodology, for a few months in a controlled setting.Slot machine showing jackpot. After they have solid grounding in both, they start learning basic strategy play variations for Hi-Lo. After a player can do Hi-Lo, basic, and play variations in his sleep, he pulls together a bankroll and plays in a live setting. Some are fine with just Hi-Lo, but others choose to learn more advanced counting strategies or come up with their own. It is important for professionals to know how to play individually, but some people choose to work in teams in order to either insulate themselves from individual risk of ruin or to increase the camouflage of their play so that they can have longer professional careers without being caught.

There are numerous strategies that have been devised to track cards in blackjack. The general idea is to mentally track the balance between cards that are advantageous and disadvantageous to you. The most common system is Hi-Lo, which is a balanced card-counting system. There are other more advanced systems, like Hi-Opt II, but they require greater mental dexterity, concentration, and time to learn. The general idea in any card-counting system is to bet as little as possible when you are at a disadvantage and bet as much as you can safely get away with when the cards are in your favor.

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Interesting facts

Chris Karagulleyan (born 1968 in Beirut, Lebanon) is a professional gambler now living in Glendale, California, United States. Before becoming a gambler, he worked as a taxi driver and as a baker.
He broke onto the poker scene by winning the World Poker Tour $5,000 No Limit Hold-Em tournament at the 2002 Legends of Poker, to earn a $258,000...

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A Review of the Professional Blackjack Table
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