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July 18, 2016 – 12:53 pm
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It’s not just skilled blackjack players who incur the wrath of the casino powers-that-be. Any player that exhibits evidence of intelligent thought is subject to harassment by casinos. For example, Richard Brodie is a high-stakes player, and god knows he can afford it. As one of the original developers of the software now known as Microsoft Word, he’s got plenty of cash to spend however he would like. But, as you might guess, he’s no dummy. He knows when he has the best of it in the casino. He’s a talented poker player, and he also plays a lot of video poker, at limits that most of us can barely imagine.

Brodie recently hit two royals in as many days at Caesars on a 3-coin $100 Full Pay Deuces game. Having that game installed at that level was certainly a mistake on the part of a probably-now-unemployed slot tech at Caesars, but it was a mistake that Brodie was all too happy to capitalize on. After a rocky start, he hit paydirt, not once but twice. Here’s a photo of one of his two $240, 000 royal flushes.

One of Brodie's $240, 000 Royals You can read the whole story on . In particular, view the entry .

Of more interest to the blackjack community is his post that describes Caesars and parent company Harrahs reaction to his good fortune. Brodie was 86’d from all Harrahs properties, which means he can’t play this year’s World Series of Poker.

Read his account of the idiotic casino response in his post . The best quote: “My friends, if you can’t figure out how to make money from people who only play games with a built-in house edge, you may as well give up on the casino business and close your doors.” Well said, Richard, well said.

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