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Iguazu Grand, Resort Spa & Casino
July 24, 2017 – 04:22 am
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Forward by the Wizard

In November 2011, I went on a trip to Argentina and Uruguay, in large part to check out the casino scene. Some fans of my web sites told me not to miss the casino in Puerto Iguazu, as it was, in their opinion, the best in the country.

So, what happened? I spent the money and time to fly two hours from Buenos Aires to check out Iguazu Falls and said casino. When I got there, though, I got confused, thinking the casino at the Panoramic Hotel Iguazu was the one everyone was referring to. I couldn't understand why they sent me there. The Panoramic casino was basically fine, but it was small, and only moderately busy on Friday and Saturday nights. On a Thursday, there were only two table game players — and that included me. Little did I know I was at the wrong casino. I didn't find this out until I returned.

One of my fans, known on my Wizard of Vegas forum as aluisio, lives not far from Puerto Iguazu and plays there often. He agreed with me that it was quite a shame to visit Puerto Iguazu and miss their famous casino, the Iguazu Grand. However, all is not lost. Aluisio kindly wrote up the casino report below in the same kind of style that I would have done.

Thanks Aluisio for your report.

The Hotel

The Iguazu Grand is a five-star hotel and member of the Leading Hotels of the World. It's located in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, within walking distance to the border to Brazil and the duty free shopping. Iguazu Falls can be reached by car in ten minutes.

The property has been managed by a family corporation since its foundation in 1998. It is a beautiful, upscale hotel, with a theater, a spa, a gym, three outdoor pools and one indoor heated pool.

There are three restaurants to choose from: one argentinian steak house (Terrazas), and two international restaurants, one buffet (El Jardin) and the other one a la carte. Prices are about US$ 40 per person, plus gratuities (10% in Argentina).

All rooms are advertised as suites and offer plenty of space. You'll find king size beds, 40" LCD screens with satellite dish, high speed wi-fi, jacuzzi, mini bar and other amenities. The last time I stayed there it was US$ 250/night + taxes, with breakfast included.

The Casino

The casino offers 34 game tables and 200 slot machines. You can sign for a credit line at the entrance and get a player card. This card does not provide cash back or rewards like player cards in the U.S. It is used to track your play and may lead to future room offers during non holiday weekends. The staff, including the dealers, are very helpful and talkative as well as seemingly on the side of the players.

U.S. dollars is the currency in this casino.

Unfortunately, they have a very rigid policy about cell phones and pictures inside their casino, so all I could get is this promotional picture of their facade.

Here are the games they offer and the rules.


As far as I can tell, all the slot machines are multi-line and multi-denomination. Most of these machines are the ones that used to exist in American casinos in the late 90's. There are also about 20 newer IGT slot machines and electronic roulette.

Interesting facts

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