Best way to win at Blackjack

How to Win at Blackjack: Mind Mapping and Other Tips to Turn the Odds in Your Favour
September 21, 2014 – 11:22 am
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There is a scene in the recently released movie The Gambler where Mark Wahlberg's character bets $500 on his blackjack hand. With a jack of spades and an eight of hearts in front of him, he nods to the dealer for another card and with more than a touch of arrogance says:"Give me the three I want".

After a tense pause for dramatic effect and a close up shot of the dealer's deadpan face, she turns over the three of diamonds to give him a winning hand, much to the incredulous amusement of Wahlberg's fellow players sat round the table.

Of course, this is Hollywood and in Tinseltown anything is possible when the scriptwriters put their mind to it. Without wanting to prompt a spoiler alert, in The Gambler, the full spectrum of both winning and losing are explored through Wahlberg's flawed character.

So, is it actually possible to play blackjack and develop your game so the value of your inevitable winning bets outstrips the value of your equally inevitable losing bets?

First, you have to understand that blackjack is a game of chance and your success (or failure) depends on what you bet, when you bet and, just as importantly, when you stop betting and walk away. But the good news is you can develop your game.

Before we go any further, let's just nip the ‘card counting’ issue in the bud right now. If you know the make up of the cards in the shoe and have kept track of the cards already dealt, it is possible to assess the probability of a high or low card and thus make a more informed decision on whether to take the next card or not. There are a number of disadvantages of this strategy - it requires a lot of concentration and mental agility, it is considered illegal, perhaps even cheatingm and when you are caught you will be banned from the casino.

What can you do? Here are seven strategies for successfully developing your blackjack game and to help save you from losing your shirt. With a combination of luck and the right decisions on your part, you might even be able to buy some more expensive shirts.

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What is all the ways to win in blackjack?

The only way to win at Blackjack is for your hand to beat the dealers hand.

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