Blackjack Push

North Star Mohican Casino Resort
March 15, 2013 – 10:25 am
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Blackjack House Rules

  • You must be at least 21 years old to play.
  • Wagering limits are posted at each table.
  • Wagers must consist of North Star Mohican Casino Resort chips. No currency or tokens are accepted. Currency may be exchanged for chips at any blackjack table.
  • A maximum of seven hands per table will be dealt to players.
  • Management may limit the number of non-players in proximity to the blackjack tables at any time during the play of blackjack.
  • Management may limit the number of hands a player may receive.
  • Player may only play one table at a time. If a player is not present when the cards are dealt, player will not receive a hand.


Blackjack pays 3 to 2. Blackjack is the combination of an ace and ten value dealt as initial two cards to player or dealer. Blackjack is not the combination of an ace and ten value cards after splitting a pair of aces or tens. Blackjack beats any hand drawn to a total of 21. Player with blackjack may take even money when dealer has an ace showing. If player has blackjack, and dealer with a ten showing turns over an ace, player’s hand will be a push.


Blackjack_ChipsThe circumstance in which a player and dealer have the point total of twenty-one or less, resulting in a tie and cancellation of the player’s wager; except that a push is not the circumstance in which both a player and the dealer have 21 but only one of these persons has a blackjack.

Doubling Down

Player may double down for equal or less than original wager, but the amount must be at least equal to the minimum table wagering limit. Player may double down on any two cards, except blackjack and split aces, and will receive one additional card. Player may double down after splitting.


Player may split any pair or two ten value cards up to three times for a total of four hands for wager equal to original wager. Each ace will receive one additional card.


Insurance pays 2 to 1. Insurance is available when the dealer has an ace showing. Player may insure drawn hand for half of their wager or less. Even money is available if player has blackjack.

  • Surrender is not allowed.
  • Dealer draws on soft 17.
  • Dealer will draw no additional cards, regardless of the point, if the dealer’s hand will not affect the outcome of the round of play.
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