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Card Games to play with children
October 3, 2021 – 11:10 am
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Easy card games for kidsDon't forget that card games are also great for holidays - both for travelling and ideal for filling long evenings once you are there and your younger children are tucked up in bed.

Snap (2 or more players)

An oldie but a goodie, and an ideal first card game to learn - plus it's one of the simplest 2 player card games around. Deal out the whole pack between the players. The players take it in turn to place cards down (either in one pile in the middle or in a pile each in front of them). When two people put down matching cards then the first person to shout SNAP wins the pile/s and puts them to the bottom of their stack. The winner is the person that wins all the cards. There are many variations of this game.

Clock patience (In theory for one person, but fun to do together)

There are different variations of the patience card game but we like clock patience best...

Deal 13 cards out - make a circle of 12 (for each point on a clock) and put one in the middle. Now deal out the rest of the cards on top of those (don't forget the middle one each time you go around) - you will end up with four in each pile.

Start by picking up one of the centre cards and look at the number / rank.

Place it face up next to the point on the clock where it belongs (ace is one, jack 11 and queen 12. If you pick up a King it goes next to the pile in the centre).

Then pick up a card from the pile that you just put the card next to, and see where that one goes.

You keep going until you can't go any more (you get stuck when you use your last King).

The aim is to have ALL the cards face up at the end, but it doesn't happen very often, so you can also count the number of face down cards to see how close you got.

Beggar my neighbour (for two players)

The aim is to end up with the whole pack and for your opponent to run out of cards.

Deal out all the cards between the two of you.

Interesting facts

Jubilee is the name given to two solitaire card games, both played with two decks of playing cards. Both games are so-called because they were created during the time of the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria's reign in 1887. One of the games has an ornate layout, while the other is simpler and it belongs to family of games which include Sir...

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What would be a fun,fast,and easy card game for two people? | Yahoo Answers

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