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Cleveland casino games rules and betting tips
March 12, 2018 – 09:18 am
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Tables: 36, including 12 high-limit tables with bets of up to $10, 000.

House take: Close to 0.5 percent, based on players following standard strategy.

Player control: Skill and chance.

Summary: This is the standard card game sometimes referred to as 21. Your goal is simply to beat the dealer by coming as close to 21 as possible without going over. But if both the house and the player go over 21, the player loses, providing an advantage to the casino. A blackjack, or 21, for the player pays 3-to-2. Otherwise, winning hands pay even money.

The bets: Wagers are placed before each hand is dealt, though there are options to increase the betting once the dealing has begun. For example, a player can double the bet by committing to take just one more card.

roulette.jpgStrategy: Widely available basic strategy guides, sometimes sold in casinos on small cards, provide sound advice, guiding players on when to "stand" or take a "hit." One way to beat the house is successful card counting, but, Hannum says, "The guys and gals in surveillance who know all about card counting, or the pit bosses or supervisors, will begin to get suspicious." A tipoff can be a sharp increase or decrease in the amount bet. Suspected players will be asked to move to another game.

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Tables: 6

House take: 5.3 percent.

Player control: Pure chance.

craps.jpgSummary: There is little or no learning curve for this casino standard. Simply place a bet. If the ball on the spinning wheel comes to rest on your number or a spot matching your bet, you win.

The bets: There are several wagers available, ranging from selecting a particular number to choosing the red or black spots, or odd or even numbers. The casino gets an edge because there are green zero or double-zero spots, making losers out of most of the bets on the table when those options come up.

Strategy: "It doesn't matter. There is nothing you can do, " Hannum says. All but one of the available bets carries a 5.3 percent advantage for the casino. The outlier - betting that one of the first five numbers will come up - is even worse at nearly 8 percent. "If you're going to do anything, you avoid that one, " Hannum says.

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House take: About 1.4 percent on the basic "pass" and "don't pass" bets.

Summary: Typically the loudest, most rambunctious and social area at the casino, the fast-moving dice game allows people to win - or lose - quickly. Players wager on the outcome of the roll of the dice, or a series of rolls.

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Interesting facts

Caribbean Stud poker is a casino table game with rules similar to five-card stud poker. However, unlike standard poker games, Caribbean stud is played against the house rather than against other players. There is no bluffing or other deception.
As a result of the popularity of poker, casinos created a house banked game known as Caribbean Stud...

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What are the official rules for the card game 'Casino'?

Deal four cards to each player and four cards faceup on the table. Dealer keeps the rest of the pack handy. Nondealer plays a card first; players alternate until the round is over. You can combine the card you play with cards on the table in many possible ways

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