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More than Just Uno – Other Games you can play with Uno Cards
December 18, 2023 – 10:59 pm
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I found the Uno cards while we were packing things up in preparation to tear out the kitchen the other day (don’t ask me why the Uno cards were in the kitchen… I have no idea). We taught the big kids to play Uno around about this time last year and it was a huge hit, so I dumped the Uno cards in the ‘I’m bored’ toy bag that lives in my car for those moments that I find myself stuck with cranky bored kids and nothing to do. During this past week the Uno cards have been out on several occasions, and only once of those times did we actually play a game of Uno!

I have discovered that Uno cards are good for more than just games of Uno. There are loads of other games you can play with Uno cards!

colour mathcing unoBasic Colour and Number Recognition.

Noah is just starting to learn the names of the colours and will happily sit and turn over cards, getting you to name the colours. I’ve also started labeling the numbers, though Noah is a way off being ready for that. Morgan has a good grasp of numbers 1-10 so to make it trickier for him we turn over two cards, place them side by side and get him to say what number both of them make up. For example : a two card and a three card make 23.

They are also good for sorting into piles of colours or sets of numbers, or both! And you can make simple repeating patterns for the kids to continue – red 1, yellow 2, red 2, ?

Simple Card Games.

unoA simple set of Uno cards is great for playing snap or memory. In many ways they are easier for young players to use because the they are just matching colour and number, not colour, number and ‘suit’ like when you use a regular set of playing cards.

When playing memory we made up a new rule that if you matched a pair of skip cards it skipped the next persons turn, and if you matched a pair of reverses it revered the turns. This is a simple way to introduce the rules of Uno and makes it a bit more exciting for older kids.

You can also play lots of other simple card games like snap and go fish.

More Difficult Card Games

Flip Ten is kind of like Memory but involving maths skills. We played last holidays and it’s quite challenging… especially if you have terrible maths skills like I do!

War! You can play this game with Uno cards just like you do with regular cards. You can make it more interesting by leaving in the non-number cards and making up your own rules about them, or by turning over two cards at once and having to add them together or even multiply them to see who has the higher number.

Crazy Things to Do with Uno Cards

A well worn set of Uno cards is great for making card houses out of. My kids LOVED doing this even though it was quite a challenge to get them to get started and to get them to stay up long enough to build anything with.

Interesting facts

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