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What Every Newbie Tarot Reader Should Know
April 30, 2017 – 10:42 pm
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Over 60 experienced tarot readers offer their best advice for what every Newbie Tarot Reader should know. Not everyone will agree with everything. Add ideas you think belong, in the Comments. Feel free to post this anywhere, so long as you include the source and contributors (listed at the end).

The Rules

• There are no rules. All rules are made to be broken.

• You may hear and read a LOT about tarot, much of it contradictory. Listen, read, discuss, try, and decide for yourself. No one knows how you will read or work with the cards except you.

Learning Tarot

• The more you know, the more options you have.

• Read books, Lots of books.


• There is nothing wrong with books. Knowledge gained from them gives you a fantastic starting point and framework and can lead to more assured reading.

• Try to read a card first, before you look it up. You will be surprised by how much of the gist of it you get.

• Get to know your deck – pull a card a day and/or go through your deck and take notes on each card. Write your thoughts and feelings about each card in a journal.

• Learn the basics of tarot history and symbolism.

• Learn the astrological and elemental correspondences. They condition the mind to think associatively and make extraordinary connections.

• Choose a system and stick with it long enough to get understanding and then branch out. You’ll only confuse yourself if you try to take in all the different ideas being thrown around.

• The cards are made up of micro-symbols within a macro-symbol. Each of the card’s symbols can open up detailed, pertinent and powerful information.

• Get to know what the colors, numbers, symbols say to YOU.

• Draw a daily card from your deck and let it speak to you. Ask yourself great questions.

• Do everything out loud, even if you are just reading for yourself. Tarot originally was an oral, story-telling type skill and speaking aloud follows its own pathways.

• Associate one to three keywords with each card.

• Read the cards visually; you are the book.

• Befriend your deck; it consists of 78 personalities that you need to get to know well.

Interesting facts

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