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October 12, 2015 – 08:58 am
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Zoo21 - an intriguing card game

Zoo21 is an intriguing card game that passes as a favorite to many. Players can play the game online free or against real players all over the world. The game’s purpose looks deceivingly simple, but demands a lot from players. When playing Zoo21, players are supposed to form as many groups of cards that add up to 21 points as fast as possible. The game presents a challenge of collecting and feeding some animals for extra points with every combination that adds up to 21. The more combinations a player makes the more points received, thus there are better chances of emerging as the winner.

The Game Tips for Zoo21

Zoo21 is an intriguing card game that challenges players’ skills and thinking capabilities, since there is a time limit of 5 minutes to make the most possible combinations.

Players should create card combinations of lower values that add up to 11, since it is easy to raise cards worth 10 points. Having columns and combinations of cards with different amounts in each column gives better chances of making possible combinations that add up to 21. Players should also check on how many Aces they use in each combination before creating columns that add up to zoo-21 Creating combinations on all four columns enhances the possibility of receiving higher points through the feeding bonuses present in the Zoo21 game.

The Zoo21 rules allow players to use jokers as a card that can assume any value. The card values matter a lot when considering the possible moves to make. The Jack, Queen and King all hold 10 points and the Ace can either be 11 or 1 point. Thus, players need to use proper strategies to quickly create more combinations. Players should try to feed animals using the four columns to target more points and the surprise that Zoo21 presents, which comes after feeding all the animals in the two levels and after the bonus level.

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