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Pontoon (Real Time Gaming version)
June 28, 2014 – 10:35 am
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Pontoon is sometimes said to be an early version of blackjack. Today Pontoon is offered by Real Time Gaming, Playtech, Microgaming, Betsoft, Galewind Software, and Cryptologic Internet casinos. In Pontoon any five-card hand or a pontoon (same thing as a blackjack) pay 2 to 1, including after splitting. However there is no dealer up card and the dealer wins on ties. There are several other rule changes from blackjack so read carefully before playing.

Australian Pontoon, which is what Americans call Spanish 21, is a completely separate game, and is addressed on my page on Australian Pontoon.


Following are the usual rules.

  • All cards have the same value as in blackjack.
  • The ranking value of hands in pontoon is as follows:
  • A pontoon, which is defined as an ace and any 10-point card, including after splitting
  • A five-card trick, which is defined as any 5-card hand that has not busted. All five-card tricks are of the same value, the point total does not matter.
  • A non-busted hand of 21 points of less with 4 or less cards. Hands will be ranked within this group according to the total number of points.
  • A busted hand of 22 points or more.
  • The dealer will deal each player two cards face up and two cards face down to the dealer.
  • The dealer will peek at his cards for a pontoon. If the dealer has a pontoon he will immediately turn it over and collect all wagers and cards.
  • The player may stand on any total greater or equal to 15, or on any 5-card hand.
  • The player may hit at any point, including after doubling.
  • The player may double on 2 to 4 cards, but only once per hand. The option includes after splitting, and once for each split hand.
  • The player may split two cards of equal rank. The player may resplit once, up to a total of three hands, including aces. When the player splits the first card dealt to each hand shall be automatic.
  • Player may draw and double after splitting aces.
  • Source: wizardofodds.com
    Interesting facts

    Pontoon is an unlicensed variant of the American game Spanish 21 that is played in Australian, Malaysian and Singaporean casinos, in Treasury Casino, Brisbane, it is known as Treasury 21. In Jupiters Casino, Gold Coast, it is known as Jupiters 21, in The Reef Casino, Cairns, it is known as Paradise Pontoon, and in Tasmania, it is known as...

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    Popular Q&A
    In the card game pontoon can you finish on a power card?

    There are no rules againts using a power card in the game pontoon. The objective is to reach 21 points using 2-5 cards.

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