Blackjack Felt table Cover

Volara Poker Table Foam Padding 59 Inches Wide (sold per foot)
January 21, 2014 – 10:22 am : 72 X 36 Inch Full

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    Volara® Poker Table Foam Padding 59 Inches Wide (sold per foot) is a flexible closed cell gaming table polyethylene foam padding sold by the running foot, offering aesthetic appeal as well as an outstanding range of performance characteristics as a closed cell foam. This is the highest quality padding available for game tables. When your surface in covered with Volara foam and then covered with Speed Cloth poker table felt, you will have the perfect amount of cushion for your poker table. The Volara foam will give you an excellent chip bounce and your cards will slide across your table without effort. The smooth surface of this closed cell foam padding offers an extremely soft, smooth, nonabrasive and pliable surface with excellent consistency, gauge control, superior physical properties and low water absorption. It is available in continuous rolls of up to 300 foot lengths. It is 59 inches wide and is sold by the running foot.

    Maximum length per box is 18 feet.


    * Volara Type AFR
    * Density: 2
    * 59 Inches Wide
    * 1/4 Inch Thick
    * High Resiliency
    * Smooth Surface
    * Low Compression Set
    * 100% Recovery Rate
    * Water Repellent
    * Fire-Retardant
    * Non Toxic: Contains No CFC, HCFC, or Hydrocarbon Blowing Agents

  • I reconditioned and resurfaced a poker table recently and used the 1/4" foam and speed cloth to give my chips a nice bounce and cards a nice glide. Both worked perfectly and really make my table "pop." Very happy with the service.
  • I used Casino Supply foam pad and felt to make a removable poker top for our 48" dining room table. It's great. Very professional look and feel!
  • Good quality and just the right thickness for my table project. Use a new blade and this product cuts very true.
  • I recovered my table after 10 years and while the headliner pad I used the first time around held up well it does not hold a candle to quality of this pad. Highly recommend!
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