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6 Easy Hacks to Increase Your Blackjack Comps
December 26, 2015 – 03:20 pm
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6 Easy Hacks to Increase Your Blackjack CompsPlaying Blackjack is a fun way to start the night or day at the casino. Even if you are a seasoned expert or a beginner, blackjack is a sure technique to maximize your comps out of all casino games. Let's first talk about what comps are. Easiest said, comps are basically free perks for playing at the casino. What is considered complimentary? Depending on the hotels and how much and how long you play, comps can be anything from free dining or buffet, hotel room or suite, and could even be free air fare.

So what can you do to get comps with minimal efforts?

Tip #1 – Understand Action, Casino Advantage & Theoretical Loss
A casino needs to determine your action's worth, to figure out your theoretical loss. At that point, a casino will comp 30-50 percent of that loss. Need some math? Remember, Action times Casino Advantage equals Player's Theoretical Loss. Let's say you play $10 per hand. You sat at the table for 4 hours and there was a total of 50 hands. Multiply all that together and you have your action: $2000. A casino normally calculates its advantage at 2%. This means $2000 times 2%, gives your theoretical loss $40. A casino will then comp you anything from $12-$20. Now that the lesson is over, onto the next tip.

Tip #2 – Play at a crowded table
Playing at a crowded table will really slow the game down. This means that you will be playing far less than the 75 hands per hour that the casino is banking on. Maybe you’re only playing 50 hands per hour because of how slow the game is moving, but you’ll be earning comps at the 75 hands per hour level!

Tip #3 – Take frequent breaks
Maybe you want to take a break for 15 minutes or so. Well don’t pick up your chips and get clocked out of the game, leave your chips at the table. This tactic keeps you clocked in as if you’re still playing. They’ll be comping you for time spent having a drink at the bar! And don’t worry about your chips, let the dealer know you will be right back and they will usually cover your chips for you.

Tip #4 – Adjust your bet size at the right time
You may have noticed that the Pit Boss will come by from time to time and write down what he perceives to be your average bet size. That’s a perfect time to throw a little extra out there. Of course you only want to bet within what you can afford and you don’t want to get carried away with this strategy, but adding a second chip to your bet won’t cost you much. An appearance of having twice your real bet size will get you twice the comp value. As soon as the Pit Boss notes your bet size and walks away, drop your bet right back down.

Tip #5 – Tip the Dealer and Pit Boss
A great way to improve your ratings is tipping the dealer and the pit boss. Put it this way, you're getting on their social graces. Tipping ensures you're spending minimal money, but definitely showing you're still playing "large".

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