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November 22, 2016 – 05:31 am
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Live Unlimited Blackjack takes Blackjack to a whole new level of excitement, because at this Blackjack table the sky’s the limit! What do we mean by this exactly? At a regular table there is a limited number of players who can join in, while with Live Unlimited Blackjack an endless number of players can participate.

Live Unlimited Blackjack

Because this is one of the games in our live casino, you can enjoy all the live action that is taking place at the table. And because there are so many other players, there’s guaranteed to be a whole lot of action! There is also, of course, a live dealer who is physically dealing the cards, and this makes the game even more realistic. You’ll feel like you’re in Vegas when you’re actually just hanging out at home.

There are a couple of ways to bet. The game is played from a shoe with 8 decks of cards and the table has five boxes with 5 integral betting positions, 5 Player Perfect Pair betting areas, as well as 1 Dealer Perfect Pair betting area. These Perfect Pair betting areas are for those players who want to place a side-bet on Perfect Pair.

As many players as are participating can bet on any of the key betting positions per round. In fact, two or more players could even bet on the same seat at the same time. In these cases, the players can each decide whether to hit or to stand. If, for example, one player stands and another player hits on the same seat, only the hitting player would add the new card to his/her total.

How To Play Live Unlimited Blackjack

With Live Unlimited Blackjack, you can join in at any point. Simply open up the game through the casino lobby of our online casino, and then wait for a new round to start. Once you’re in, you can place bets by clicking on your preferred chip value(s) and then clicking on the area where you want to place your bet. Once all your bets have been placed, you would confirm that you’re finished betting, or else the hand will be dealt automatically after a certain period of time.

Each player at the table will get his turn to play his hand. When your turn comes, you’ll get to choose whether you want to hit, stand, double or split, as some examples of popular actions to take. Be on top of your game though because there is a time limit to take action. If you don’t react in time, you’ll automatically stand for that hand.

Interesting facts

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