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September 4, 2016 – 10:18 pm
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Blackjack WeekendsYou’ve put in a hard week’s work and you’ve finally made it to Friday. Now what?

Whatever you have lined up this weekend, make sure to add blackjack into your plans because at Bovada Casino, blackjack and weekends make for such a great mix that we’ve got an ongoing promotion that celebrates it.

Play Blackjack Online, Earn Casino Points and Get Paid

You read that right. We believe that getting paid shouldn’t be restricted to weekdays. Blackjack Weekends gives you a chance to make added coin every Friday through Sunday.

Scoring your weekend payday is easy. Simply hit up our blackjack tables between Friday and Sunday, and for every 200 Casino Points you earn, we’ll hook you up with a $10 bonus chip, up to $100. The more you play, the more points you earn and the bigger the bonus you get come Monday.

What Online Casino Games to Play to Land Your Weekend Payday

We’ve got a total of 10 blackjack variations you can play to score your Blackjack Weekends bonus. Whether you’re into the classics like European Blackjack, Double and Single Deck Blackjack or prefer the more modern variations like Zappit Blackjack, Perfect Pairs or Match Play 21, we’ve got what you need to get into the game.

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Bonus hunting (also known as bonus whoring) is a term used to describe the process of a person taking advantage of online casinos' promotional bonuses. The process is engineered such that the mathematical advantage is put in favor of the player rather than the house.
Online casino's typically offer players bonuses as incentives to play. These...

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