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August 13, 2016 – 06:10 pm
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The United States has recently had an influx of new live dealer online casinos that are legal to play and payout real cash. Regulators have been attempting but failing to put legislation into place at the state level for years, but these international sites still accept United States players. There are many benefits that legalized gambling has had including being protected from them trying to “rig” the game or not paying. Licenses are hard to obtain, each live casino is thoroughly analyzed before they are listed here.

Live Dealer USA Casinos These live dealer games have many benefits over their predecessors especially when it comes to the quality of the video feed and getting your money in and out. In fact, many casinos will allow the transfer of online funds to the brick and mortar location. You can then easily walk in and pick up your money up at the casino’s physical location.

In the past getting your money in was easy of course, but getting it back out was sometimes a big problem. Payments would be delayed or not even come at all. New legal and regulated casinos in the USA will make sure that that is never a problem again as they accept credit cards and deliver check withdraws.

These casinos offer a variety of live games hosted by attractive dealers. You can find blackjack, different types of baccarat, and European/American roulette with a multitude of poker games thrown in too. That is about it for live dealer gaming online in the USA for now.

Recently there has been more regulatory oversight that assures the games actually payback at the rate they are supposed to. The oversight also see that the “house” won’t take an exorbitant amount of rakeback or tack on unneeded processing fees.

Some people just aren’t comfortable trusting their bets to a machine, just like some people still like to go pay their bills in person. This is why there are many online casinos that have a webcam of a live dealer to take the bets. This adds not only to the realism of the game, but also ensures that you are not getting the short end of the stick.

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How to Play the Online Blackjack Tournaments?

The online casino blackjack tournaments start with more than six tables of Blackjack. Each Blackjack table usually has specific quantity of Blackjack players. This starting stage is known as round one. After the completion of round one, one or more than one Blackjack players shift towards another table for playing the round two.

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