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Bitcoin Blackjack
May 5, 2017 – 11:10 pm
Multiplayer Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games as it has the lowest house advantage of only 1 percent, compared to other table casino games. Blackjack is now available to play online with Bitcoins as well!

bitcoin casino blackjack

Bitcoin Casino Blackjack


Through the centuries, playing cards and card games were slowly introduced to the Middle East, Europe, and lastly North America. The first reference to card playing in Europe goes back to the 13th and 14th centuries, and the first recognized card samples were normally hand painted illustrations on paper. Consequently, the price of a single-deck was exorbitant and restricted to nobility.

However, in 1937, a ruling was announced in Paris prohibiting card playing by the working class on workdays. It is assumed that cards were accessible to the working people, and was probably mass-produced by a wood-blocking printing method, prior to the invention of the printing press. Through the 15th century, cards designed in Germany, called wood-block cards, were exported in huge numbers. With the progress of printing, playing cards rose in popularity.

The precise history of Blackjack itself is obscured; it is still somewhat a mystery. In spite of this, many agree it most likely originated in French casinos about 1700 under the name “Vingt-et-Un” which is French for “twenty-one.” The card games French Ferme and Chemin de Fer, which were very popular at the time, were probably the derivative of the game “Vingt-et-Un.”

During the 1800s the game was introduced to the US and has been played in the region ever since. In the beginning, the modern 52 card-deck used in England was known as the “French Pack, ” and later embraced by the US and other places under the name “Blackjack.”


America, being such an innovative country, takes everything and puts its own special twist on it. For example, what is called football in the US actually has practically nothing to do with feet, and what is called “Blackjack” today has little relevance to black-cards or jack. The game Blackjack or “21” began appearing on American shores whether it was lawful or merely put up with. Somewhere along the line, perhaps around WWI, an enticing payout was offered for players who received an ace-of-spades and a black jack. The term “Blackjack” ultimately became more popular and replaced “Vingt-et-un, ” or “21.”

America revolutionized Blackjack by creating new game rules, which made it easier for players to win. European versions did not allow players to see the dealer’s “upcard” prior to making any playing moves. Moreover, while dealers before made their own assessment on whether to “hit or stand, ” suddenly they began to abide by a compulsory pattern fashioned by the house or casino of hitting on 16 and standing on 17. Legal and house-banked games emerged in New Orleans in 1820. Shady and player-banked games were widespread in the beginning. Shysters and cheaters thrived, as there was no oversight for a game that was not clearly lawful.

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How to Play the Online Blackjack Tournaments?

The online casino blackjack tournaments start with more than six tables of Blackjack. Each Blackjack table usually has specific quantity of Blackjack players. This starting stage is known as round one. After the completion of round one, one or more than one Blackjack players shift towards another table for playing the round two.

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