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May 14, 2016 – 10:42 pm
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mobile-casino-ukNo need to bluff in Online Blackjack! Try as you might, it’s difficult to find a game that gambling aficionados enjoy more than Blackjack. Also commonly known as “21” it’s a card game where players compete directly against the dealer to see who can get the closest to 21 points without going over, in order to win real money. Taking a look at the game’s mechanics, it’s easy to see why Online Blackjack is so popular in the UK: It’s a game that can be just as enjoyable to beginners as it is to those who are more skilled, due to Online Blackjack being a simple and easy Online Casino game.

When you’re new to Online Blackjack, we have to tell you two things, and that is that it is one of the Best Casino Games available and that it is largely about luck. At that point, there is certainly something brilliant in the simplicity of playing a few hands.European Blackjack Online As your skills advance, you begin to see strategies develop that you can use to your advantage. Blackjack’s successfully transitioned into the online environment continues to evolve in new and interesting ways. You can play Online Blackjack for Free or for, depending on both your pocket and the you play at.

The Online Blackjack Gamer Rules

  • Six decks are used when playing Online Blackjack to ensure that card counting is not possible, allowing a fair game.
  • Depending on the Casino that you are playing at, every casino has their own rules of when the dealer has to HIT. Most casinos allow the dealer to hit on a soft 17.
  • Normal hands are paid out 1 to 1 on Online Blackjack.
  • When you hit Blackjack, which is a face card and an Ace, the House pays 3 to 2 of what you bet.
  • You can only split up to 3 hands.
  • Card suits on Online Blackjack in the UK and worldwide are not important, only 2 and 10 have face value
  • Kings, Queens and Jacks are valued at 10 and Aces are valued at 1 or 11
  • You can surrender any of your first two cards
  • You are not allowed to re-split aces
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