Double Exposure Blackjack

August 18, 2016 – 06:55 pm
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Double Exposure BlackjackThe game of Double Exposure Blackjack is a rare but highly profitable version of the blackjack game. It is one of the best bets you'll find if you are lucky enough to happen across is in a live or online casino. One of the most outstanding features of this game, which makes it a lot different from other blackjack variations, is the fact that in Double Exposure Blackjack both of the dealer's cards are exposed. This is where the game gets its name.

Aside from the dealer exposing both cards, the rules of Double Exposure Blackjack are similar to other blackjack variations. Of course, there are a few specific rules designed to favor the dealer in order to compensate for the fact that both of his cards are visible. These rules are as follows:

  • The dealer wins on all ties, except when the player has blackjack
  • Blackjack pays even money, rather than 2:1 or 6:5 as in most other blackjack variations
  • Players may split only once-there is no re-splitting

Keeping these factors in mind, the game is played as other standard blackjack variations that you may be familiar with are played. Bets are placed and then all players, dealer included, are dealt two cards. Based on these cards the players must decide to hit, stand, double down or split. Players do not have the opportunity to make Insurance bets in Double Exposure Blackjack, as there is no dealer hole card.

Once the players are satisfied with their cards the dealer hits if his hand is worth a value of less than 17. The rules vary from casino to casino about whether or not the dealer hits or stands on "soft 17" so be sure to read the rules beforehand. It is also important to check for more specific rules about whether or not players may double down after splitting, whether players may double down on any initial two-card hand, and whether players may split unlike cards with a value of 10 (i.e. Jack and King), as these rules vary from casino to casino. Once the dealer's hand is set, players that beat the dealer are paid and players that lose must forfeit their bets.

Interesting facts

Double Exposure Blackjack (also known as Zweikartenspiel German: "Two card game") is a variant of the casino game blackjack in which the dealer receives two cards face-up in part of the initial deal. Knowing the dealer's hand provides significant information to the player. To maintain the house edge, the payout when the player receives a...

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Popular Q&A
2. Why does Double Exposure Blackjack have different rules that regular blackjack?

Double Exposure Blackjack has an overwhelming advantage for the player. As a result, the game designers changed some rules to make it more competitive. You can read the full rules by logging into your account an opening the game.

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