Onyx Blackjack

Mackie Onyx BlackJack Premium USB Audio Interface
October 19, 2016 – 03:00 am
Mackie Onyx BlackJack Premium USB Audio Interface


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The Mackie Onyx Blackjack Premium 2x2 USB Recording Interface offers industry-leading recording quality in a compact and ergonomic desktop design perfect for home studios.

With two boutique-quality Onyx preamps and premium 24-bit AD/DA conversion, Mackie Onyx Blackjack delivers unmatched fidelity, headroom and transparency for your recordings.

True analog hardware monitoring of inputs provides hassle-free zero latency tracking, in either mono or stereo. Other professional features include phantom power, built-in DIs and separate level control for monitors and headphones. Portable by design, it’s bus-powered and Mackie tough.

Compatible with Mac and PC, and ready for most major DAWs out-of-box, Blackjack offers the utmost in sonic quality and simplicity.

  • Two boutique-quality Onyx mic preamps with class-leading fidelity and dynamic range
  • High-headroom design with ultra-low noise and distortion
  • Professional 24-bit recording/playback via 2x2 USB
  • High-end Cirrus Logic AD/DA converters with 114dB dynamic range (A-weighted)
  • True analog hardware monitoring of inputs, in mono or stereo, for easy zero-latency recording
  • Compatible with most major DAWs, includeing Logic, SONAR, Cubase, Ableton Live, Final Cut Pro and more
  • Built-in DI on each input for direct connection of guitars, basses, etc.
  • 48V phantom power for use with studio-quality condenser microphones
  • USB bus-powered, eliminating need for separate power cable
  • Separate studio monitor and headphone outs with independent level control
  • Sleek, ergonomic Built-Like-A-Tank desktop design
Source: www.gak.co.uk
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Mackie Onyx BlackJack unbox
Mackie Onyx BlackJack unbox
Popular Q&A
How can I force Mac OS X to treat my Mackie Onyx Blackjack as a mono input device?

This is the problem. QuickTime doesn't offer the ability to change the recording type or to pan inputs to a particular track in the recording when you're making it. It records stereo. And it captures one input left, the other input right. I just tried it out with my Duet and, no matter where I set the pan on the mic input in the Maestro mix console, QuickTime captured that signal input on the left channel only.

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