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Win extra cash prizes playing Live Blackjack at Unibet
March 7, 2016 – 08:09 am
BlackJack Win in Vegas

Live Blackjack promotion UnibetIn the next couple of weeks there will be some extra entertainment at the Live Blackjack tables at Unibet as this NetEnt Casino is adding 35 special Cash Cards worth over €2.450 in the decks of its exclusive Live Blackjack tables.

Blackjack Promotion

Until the 21st of June you get the opportunity to win a lot of extra cash prizes while playing Live Blackjack at Unibet. It is as easy as it can get, because all you have to do is to play Live Blackjack at Unibet, because this NetEnt Casino is doing the rest. You just enter Casino Grande on the site of Unibet and choose one of the Live Blackjack tables to play at. While playing Live Blackjack you have a chance to win up to €25 a Cash Card. If you play at the VIP Live Blackjack cash prizes will have a value of €250.

Live Blackjack tables

There are two different type of Live Blackjack tables available at Casino Grande, one of the two Live Casino’s at Unibet. Choose to play the regular Live Blackjack on table 1, 2, 3 or 4 and win up to €25 every time a Cash Card is received. There will be 28 of them so you will have a very good chance to win, just by playing Live Blackjack.

VIP Live Blackjack

Go for VIP Blackjack at Unibet and you will be able to win €250 when a special Cash Card is received. There will be 7 at the VIP Blackjack table, so why not give it a try between 17:00 and 00:00.

Extra prize draw

Besides winning extra cash prizes at the Live Blackjack tables at Unibet you will also have an opportunity to win an extra €5000. This prize will be awarded randomly to one of the many winners. So make sure you receive at least one cash card Unibet will have a prize draw of all players who received a Cash Card during this Live Blackjack promotion. Until Sunday 21 June Unibet is placing 35 Cash Cards in the decks at the Live Blackjack tables between 17:00 and 00:00 so make you’ll be there to win extra cash prizes while having a chance to win an extra €5000.

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