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KISS III Card Counting System in Blackjack
February 22, 2016 – 02:09 am
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counting cardsThe Basics Of The KISS III System

The KISS III method differs from many card counting systems on the market in the fact that it is an unbalanced system. This means that when all the cards in the deck have been dealt the ending total is not necessarily 0. The reason for this is because the count does not start at 0. You will begin the count in a negative range such as -2, -3, or even -10 or higher. The benefit of an unbalanced system is that it more accurately represents when the deck has become favorable to the player.

Because it is an unbalanced system the KISS III method works best in single deck or double deck games. The KISS III method becomes less powerful as more decks are used in dealing the game.

Otherwise, the KISS III follows the basic premise of all card counting methods. A running count is created that reflects how favorable the deck is to the player. Because it begins in a negative range, as soon as the running count crosses into positive territory (+1, +2, +3) all bets should be increased in proportion to the favor of the deck.

Card Values In The KISS III System

Let’s take a look at how the cards are assigned value in the KISS III method and then we will discuss the differences between the KISS III and the earlier KISS systems. Here are the values of each card:

Card Value

Red 2 Black 2 10
+1 -1

Note that the twos in the deck are assigned different values based on the color of the suit. This has caused the KISS III method its share of criticism from blackjack players who find a suit-aware count to be difficult to achieve while playing.

Interesting facts

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