Black Poker cards

Deck of Super Black Cards
March 5, 2017 – 05:50 pm
Black Poker Cards Wallpaper

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For a striking set of playing cards, look no further than our Black Playing Cards.

Each card features glossy, super-intense black ink printed on top of a semi-gloss black coating. This creates a card whose writing and design can shift from intense black to a bright white depending on its angle to light.

Each deck includes 52 cards and two jokers.

Features & specs

  • 52 card deck + 2 jokers
  • Sleek black-on-black design

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Man holding black playing cards while playing poker.We'll be straight up with you: we love these cards because of their looks. They're not jumbo, they're not see-through, and they won't file your taxes. But they look awesome. And that's enough.

The magic of our Black Playing Cards is in their simplicity: they just look cool.

Check out the short demo video below to see how the Black Playing Cards appear depending on their angle to the light.

Serious card players won't have any problem using Black Playing Cards.

As long as the cards are facing you, they're fully legible to the naked eye (even if they don't catch the light). But from a steep angle (such as from the viewpoint of your scoundrel playing partners), they're like a black hole. So, they look great AND they prevent cheating. Double win!

Each deck contains a full 52 cards plus two jokers.

Each deck of Black Playing Cards includes 52 cards and two jokers.

Black Playing Cards are made from thin PVC plastic, but are the same thickness and have the same hand feel as standard card stock playing cards.

The design is printed with a high-gloss super black ink that is darker than the card (for a rich deep black under certain lighting conditions), but that will also strongly reflect light and appear nearly white in other lighting conditions.

Interesting facts

John McClure sometimes called "Poker Jack", was a politician and judge in Arkansas during Reconstruction and was part of Powell Clayton's inner circle. A Republican carpetbagger from the North he came to Arkansas as a Lieutenant colonel of a black regiment. He was dismissed from the army for playing cards, gaining him his nickname "Poker Jack...

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Hand: Three of a kind. Pays; 5. Combinations: 732160. Probability(odds): 0.035963. Return: 0.1798.

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