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A Card Counter's Vegas Victory
October 8, 2016 – 02:03 am

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I was a professional card counter. It was 1980 and the casinos weren't savvy about professional 21 players. I was having more than my fair share of good nights at the tables.

My best night was nothing short of unforgettable.

I was making a late-night assault on a casino in downtown Las Vegas - never mind which one - and playing conditions were the best I'd ever enjoyed. Single-deck blackjack games were king back then and my skills were particularly deadly against a 52-card pack.

"Two more screwdrivers! Lots of ice!" I shouted as I changed tables, hauling my chips clumsily and playing the drunk, impulsive madman. My bright blue satin shirt glowed under the lights.

They bought my act hook, line and sinker.

Despite my rather remarkable capacity to concentrate with alcohol in my system, I was struggling to believe my good fortune. The dealers were dealing down to the very last card, something that's never done these days. It was early morning and the casino didn't want to lose any hands or time shuffling too frequently in their quest to gobble up all my chips.

Can't say I blamed them. I looked like a lunatic on a mission to give away all my money. I ran from table to table around the semicircular blackjack pit ranting madly, ordering drinks two at a time, chasing hunches, betting erratically, looking, in short, nothing like your average counter. One hand might have $1 bet on it, another $200. I made unorthodox plays that made no sense to the pit boss or dealers and kept them off guard even though they were mathematically based on the six side counts I was tabulating in my head.

Nothing in my play or demeanor suggested to them how deadly I was against a single-deck game.

All smiles, the pit boss and security personnel looked at my huge pile of chips, then at me and licked their chops. What they didn't realize was that, alcohol or not, I could tell you the ranks of the last five or ten cards left in the deck. Before that last card was dealt, I could name it every time.

"That table has bad luck coming! Let's try this one, " I yelled, skipping the adjacent table and moving mid-deck two tables away.

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Frstly, keep in mind that the movie 21 is highly fictionalized and dramatized and is based on some events that occurred years ago. The casinos have since made many rule changes to thwart the practice.
Here is a link to a page that answers most of your questions. It is not just placing a higher bet, but knowing how to adjust your entire betting strategy.
Card counting in blackjack is not cheating nor is it illegal,. But the casinos do not like it when you are counting and winning, and may ask you to leave if you are suspected of doing it. Be sure to practice a lot and be abel to do…

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